Share PDFs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the format used to share documents (of any kind) reliably, regardless of software, hardware, or operating system. The spread and popularity of PDF is increasing. In addition to the benefit of reliability and compatibility with any device, PDF also offers greater security for content. It is not easy to edit a PDF, unless you use particular PDF Editing software.

The only downside of PDF is that it is not easily shareable on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin. In fact, none of these offer the ability to directly upload a PDF and share it with your contacts or followers. So how do I share a PDF on social networks? Below you will discover an alternative method to be able to share PDFs on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter.

Share PDFs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin

If it is true that you cannot upload and share a PDF on most social networks, but it is also true that there is an alternative way to bypass the problem. As? There are three different ways to do this:

WAY 1. Upload the PDF file online and then share the link only

WAY 2. Convert the PDF to Flipbook and then share the Flipbook link

WAY 3. Convert the PDF to images and then share those images (as if they were photos)

The first and second method are many similar to each other. If you want to get a more professional and even more original solution we recommend using the second solution, which is to turn pdf into Flipboook and then share that flipbook (via link). You can use the My Flipbook program to transform PDFs into Flipbook

Download and install this program on your Windows PC from the following link:

If you have a Mac computer (macOS) we recommend that you use the online

After installation, this main interface will open:

Click CREATE NEW FLIPBOOK to import your PDF. Automatic conversion will be done in Flipbook. The flipbook will preview on the center screen of the software

From the left sidebar, you can customize your Flip Book by changing background, resolution, title, logo, and so on. When the changes are complete, click BUILD FLIPBOOK to update the result. Finally, click SAVE ON PC to save your flipbook to your PC or PUBLISH ONLINE to upload it online to servers (if you don’t have a website available).

After you upload your flipbook online you’ll have a link that you can easily share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin. Those who click on that link will see your flipbook on their screen. Interesting as a solution, right? Try it now, it’s really simple!

If you don’t know how to share a link on social networks, here are some directions below.


It is very easy to post and share a link in a Facebook post. All you have to do is paste the URL (of the flipbook you created and uploaded online) inside the box to create the normal posts on your Facebook page.

A title and preview image of your PDF Flipbook will be automatically generated. Click on the PUBLISH button and you can share it with all your friends.


On Instagram links can be inserted:

  • In Stories, through swipe up functionality
  • In the part dedicated to the biography of the profile

If you want to insert links on Instagram posts you need to know that you can safely insert them as text but such links will not be clickable.

To link to Instagram Stories:

  1. launch the App and enter the section dedicated to stories;
  2. take a photo or record a short video;
  3. once you’re ready to insert a link go to the chain icon and insert the link of your PDF or flipbook (which you uploaded online somewhere)
  4. check in with the “link preview” option and post the story.


It is very easy to share the link of a PDF or flipbook on Twitter. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL into the new message. The system will automatically combine the address (if it is too long). Finally click tweet to post.


To share a link from your Linkedin home page here’s how:

  1. Click Start a post.
  2. Paste the link or type the URL in the text field.
  3. You can add an optional comment (up to 1,300 characters) to your post.
  4. Choose who to share it with.
  5. Click Publish.