My-Flipbook Sofware for PC/Mac | Turn PDF into Flipbook | Create HTML5 Browsable PDF

MyFlipbook is a software for PC and Mac that allows you to create professional flipbooks from any PDF document. Once you have made the flipbook you can save it locally on your PC, in HTML5 format for sharing via email or even offline, or import it to your website. Alternatively, you can publish it directly online to Try now one of the best Flipbook Software on the market!


  1. Automatically convert PDF documents to Flipbook (even in multiple and batch mode)
  2. Create Flipbooks in HTML5 format 100% compatible with any device (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.)
  3. The Flipbook is saved in a single file (.htm) which can then be easily shared also via email or offline mode (how to save flipbooks on your PC or Mac)
  4. MyFlipbook for Windows automatically imports and manage all existing links in the PDF. MyFipbook for Mac allows you to add new links to the flipbook
  5. It is possible  to add YOUTUBE and VIMEO VIDEOS in the flipbook
  6. Ability to activate the SEARCH function and the “PDF Download” function
  7. Zoom and FULL SCREEN features in the flipbook navigation menu
  8. Choose from 30 pre-loaded BACKGROUNDS and/or add your own background image from your PC (PRO VERSION)
  9. Ability to add a custom logo with link to your website (PRO VERSION)
  10. Ability to add Flipbook Title and Description
  11. Customizable Flipbook quality by choosing between low, medium or high quality RESOLUTION.
  12. Ability to upload your flipbook online on

Here’s a quick guide to figuring out on how to use MyFipbook software and turn your PDFs into flipbooks.



Click on the button below to download MyFlipbook in free demo version on your PC Windows or MAC OS:


On Windows, after downloading the executable file .exe, double-click to start the installation. When you’re done, you’ll open the following home screen of myFlipbook Software:

On Mac, double click on the dmg file to install the program: move the MyFlipbook icon to the Applications folder and then inside the Applications folder, right-click on the MyFlipbook icon and confirm that you want to open the program . Here is the main interface you will see on Mac:

As you can see from the image above, in the center of the program there are 3 buttons:

  • Create New Flipbook: To import a PDF file and automatically create a new Flipbook
  • Open Project: To upload a previously saved project to use a ready-made template for new flipbooks.  NOTE: Be sure that the original PDF file is not deleted or not moved in different folder, otherwise the project cannot be opened.
  • Online Flipbooks: Allows you to access your reserved area to upload new flipbooks online and/or manage those already online.


If you want to create a new Flipbook from your own PDF file, click on CREATE NEW FLIPBOOK or open the menu File and select New.

The Windows dialog box will open and you will have to go and choose the PDF file you want to convert. Immediately after selecting the PDF, the program will start creating the browseable file. When you’re done, you’ll see your flipbook on the center screen of the program.

On Mac you will see a similar interface:

Your flipbook is ready! Now you can already save it to your computer by clicking on the SAVE ON PC button (lower left) or publish it online by clicking on PUBLISH ONLINE.

NB: MyFlipbook will automatically import all links already existing in the PDF file. If you want to edit those links or manually add new links read How to Manage Links of the Flipbook.

The program also supports batch conversion: you can import multiple PDFs by clicking on the FILE menu > BATCH FLIPBOOK CREATION.

Before saving or publishing the flipbook you can make a lot of customizations such as adding title and description, changing logos, changing background image, adding search module in the flipbook, adding new hyperlinks or  Youtube videos, etc.
Below we will analyze all these customization options of the Flibook.



Going by order in the left sidebar we find the following options. Each time you change these settings you’ll need to click down on the BUILD FLIPBOOK button to update your flipbook with your changes.

TAG PAG TITLE: This is the title of the html page, which appears at the top of the browser window. It also appears in search engines like Google, so it’s important to choose it carefully if you want to index your flipbook in search engines.

FLIPBOOK TITLE AND FLIPBOOK DESCRIPTION: In these two sections, you can write a title and description that will appear in a tile to display in the flipbook window.

Among the advanced settings of the TITLE you can also set:
: Position where to display the box (upper right, left, bottom right, or left)
Font size and Font name: Font settings
Color: Title font color and description
Background: Background of title and description box

COMPANY LOGO: If you have the PRO version of the program you can import your logo and decide the location.It is also possible to turn off the display of the logo.

BACKLINK: The link to add to the logo.You can enter the link of your site or company.

OUTPUT RESOLUTION; This indicates the level of quality you want to give the flipbook. You can choose low, medium or high level.It is important to know that the HIGH level produces a heavier output file that will be harder to share. We recommend using the MEDIUM or LOW option for flipbooks of many pages.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: If you want to track the visits to your flipbook you can add your Google Analytics account. You need to create a Google Analytics account and you need to get the full google analytics code and copy it in the box.

AUDIO BACKGROUND: It is possible to add background music (mp3 file) to your flipbook

PASSWORD PROTECTION: You can protect your flipbook and restrict access only to some people by entering a password. If you set a security password, a window will appear when you open the flipbook asking the user to enter the password if they want to continue seeing the flipbook.

SHOW PAGE SLIDER: Show the slider at the bottom of the flipbook to quickly search for the desired pages.

SHOW SOCIAL ICONS: Show icons to share the flipbook on the most important social networks.  If you want to remove a icon, for example the PRINT icon, you have to open the html file with a text editor and add this code before the </body> tag:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var addthis_config =
services_exclude: ‘print,printfriendly’

FLIP SOUND: Turns sound on or off when browsing pages (flip)

PDF DOWNLOAD BUTTON: Shows the icon to download the original PDF. If you enable this, as default you need to upload in your hosting both PDF file and HTML file in the same folder.
If you want to host the flipbook in MyFlipbook hosting and enable PDF download button, then you have:
1) Upload the PDF file in some cloud like Google Drive and get the link.
2) Open the flipbook HTM file with a text editor  and find this line: <a download=”flipbook.pdf” href=”[YOUR PDF LINK]” target=”_blank” class=”down-pdf”> and put your pdf link in the href tag.
3) Upload the HTM file in your Myflipbook hosting.

SHOW SEARCH PANEL: Show the search form that allows you to quickly find a keyword within your flipbook.

FORMAT: It’s the format of the PDF. By default, it is automatically set to AUTOSIZE. From here you can also set the format “Single Page” that is the flipbook is displayed page by page.

DIRECTION: You can choose the “left-to-right” (default) or “right-to-left” text direction

BACKGROUND: Select the background you like. If you have a PRO account, you can also upload your own custom background.

BACKGROUND OPACITY: Set the transparency of your background. The default value is 0.4. To turn off transparency, you must set the maximum value, which is 1.

NB: Every time you change one or more of these options, you’ll need to click down on the BUILD FLIPBOOK button to update your flipbook with your changes.

MyFlipbook Software allows you to automatically import links that are in the pdf content into the Flipbook.But you can also add hyperlinks manually on any page of your flipbook. Here’s how.

Step 1. Click the MANAGE LINKS button

A window will open showing pages with any links already imported from the PDF. The links will be highlighted in red and you can edit or delete them.

Step 2. To add a new link click the ADD LINK button

The new link will be created in the Link List. Now go to your flipbook page where you want to add the link and select the area with the mouse on which to apply the hyperlink. You can select the area on text or an image. Finally, enter the URL in the format ( or you can also put a link pointing to a specific page of the flipbook (from the Link Action drop-down menu select the “Inner Page” option and write the page number to link).

The figure below highlights the 5 steps to follow to add a link to a flipbook page. Select the file page, click add link, select the link area, enter the target URL (external link or internal page) and finally click down on APPLY to recreate the flipbook with the new links added!

On Mac the procedure for adding links is slightly different. In the Manage Links window you will have to choose the page and then modify the X, Y, Width, Height values to position the link area where you want. Then you can add the link (external or internal) and click on ADD LINK –> APPLY

Once you return to the main screen, remember to click on BUILD to update the flipbook with the inserted videos.




Similar to adding links, you can also add a Youtube VIDEO. To get started you have to click on the ADD VIDEO button

  1. In the window that opens you have to choose the flipbook page where you want to insert the video
  2. Click the ADD VIDEO button
  3. Draw with the mouse the area where you can integrate the Youtube/Vimeo video
  4. Enter the link of the Youtube/Vimeo video to view and then click below on Video #0
  5. Finally, press the APPLY button to add the video to your flipbook

The end result will be like this below: the Youtube/Vimeo video will be integrated into the page and the selected area.

Finally save the flipbook on your PC, open it and you will be able to play the video in the flipbook.

On Mac the procedure for adding a video is slightly different. In the Manage Video window you will have to choose the page and then modify the X, Y, Width, Height values to position the video area where you want. Then you can add the URL of the video (in the case of YouTube use the “embed” URL) and click ADD VIDEO –> APPLY

Once you return to the main screen, remember to click on BUILD to update the flipbook with the inserted videos.



Once the flipbook is ready you can proceed with its saving to your PC. Just click on the SAVE ON PC or SAVE ON MAC button at the bottom left and then you can save the flipbook in format .HTM on your computer.

The saved HTM file can be opened with any browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) with a simple double click!

The flipbook will be all in this UNIQUE file and then you can easily email it or upload it to your website. The interesting thing is that it works perfectly offline too.

NB: No other pdf to flipbook conversion software or service can provide the flipbook in a single file as MyFlipbook Software does.

If you want to publish your flipbook ONLINE instead, but you don’t have a website, then you can use MyFlipbook’s PUBLISH ONLINE feature. Press on the PUBLISH ONLINE button and a window will open asking you to access your web space (managed by MyFlipbook).



If you have your own hosting with your website and have access to the file manager or the FTP, we recommend you to save your flipbook in HTML + IMAGES format and then upload all the files to a folder on your hosting.

From File Menu in the software select “Build as html + images” and then save the zip file in your PC.


Then extract all zip files in a folder, (optionally rename the htm file with “index.htm”), access to your hosting file manger or FTP and upload all files in a directory in your hosting, for example

Done, your flipbook has been uploaded in your hosting!




Publishing flipbooks in myflipbook free hosting has some limitations:
– You can only upload flipbook htm file (you can’t upload PDF file)
– The total number of accesses to the flipbook must not exceed the limits stated in our terms of service
– Flipbook loading speed may not be fast if the htm file size is large.
If your htm file is big, for best performance we highly recommend saving the flipbook as HTML+IMAGES and uploading all files to your website hosting (read here)

Once you have purchased the Software+Hosting license, you will be emailed your member area login credentials, accessible at the

Enter your area and you’ll see a screen like this

You will see the form in the center so that you can search for and import your .htm file generated through the software.

At the top instead is the number of flipbooks currently online and the used space. For the PRO version the limit is 10 flipbooks online or 100MB occupied (if either of these two limits is exceeded, you won’t be able to upload more flipbooks until you’ve freed up space by deleting some old flipbooks.

Once you import your flipbook in html format, in the “My Online Flipbook” section you will see all the flipbooks loaded:

For each flipbook you will have the possibility to do two operations:

  • Clicking on the trash can icon will erase the flipbook
  • By clicking on the pencil icon you can update your flipbook and leave the web address unchanged as well. NOTE: To upgrade, the .htm file name must be the same as the one you want to update. For example, if you want to update the flipbook “book.htm” you need to upload a file with the identical name “book.htm”

The link (URL) of a flipbook you can share it with whoever you want by sending it by email, via social media or by inserting it on your web page.

NOTE: If your flipbook will receive many visits we strongly suggest you to upload it in your website hosting. Our hosting service is subject to these terms of use
If your subcription license expires, your flipbooks stored in our hosting will be deleted. The flipbooks uploaded in your website hosting will continue to work even if you don’t renew the subscription!



If you have purchased the license and even after the registration its showing DEMO Version / DEMO Text  in your output flipbooks, you have to download the PRO version of the program:  please open the email received after the purchase and you will find the link to download your PRO version.



If your Flipbook htm file is bigger than 10MB, we recommend you to save your flipbook in HTML + IMAGES format and then upload all the files to a folder on your ow website hosting.

From File Menu in the software select “Build as html + images” and then save the zip file in your PC.


Then extract all zip files in a folder, (optionally rename the htm file with “index.htm”), access to your hosting file manger or FTP and upload all files in a directory in your hosting, for example


If you do not want to install app or software we suggest you to use this Online Flipbook Maker