How to Make a High Resolution Flipbook

RESOLUTION is that parameter that indicates the quality of a content. We talk about resolution not only for image or video files, but also for other types of files such as PDFs. A high-resolution PDF document shows content (text and images) more clearly. But a higher resolution file definitely has a higher weight (in MB). If you want to create a Flipbook from a PDF file and are looking to get the highest possible quality/resolution, below we report a software that will help you.

A high-resolution flipbook is suitable for those PDFs that contain small text and/or photographic images. Creating a high-quality flipbook helps you avoid showing blurry text or unclear or sharp images. That is the solution to this problem.

How to Make a High Resolution Flipbook with MyFlipbook

The resolution of any file (image, video, or PDF) is calculated in the DPI (dots per inch) unit of measure. The higher the DPI value, the higher the quality of the content. In the following image, an example:

The Flipbook program is one of the few that can define the resolution of a flip book. In fact, after converting the PDF to Flipbook you can set the quality (low, medium or high). Let’s see in detail how it works.

First download and install My Flipbook on your PC or MAC:


After installing and starting the program you will see this screen:

Import the PDF you want to convert to Flipbook by clicking on the “CREATE NEW FLIPBOOK” button. The program will automatically create the flip book and show it in the central interface.

On the left of the program there are all the tools to customize the flipbook (logo, background image, title, google analytics, etc.). There is also the “OUTPUT RESOLUTION” option that allows you to set the quality of the final flipbook. You can choose between LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. By default the program uses the average resolution, which is a trade-off between the quality and weight of the final flipbook.

If you want a high-quality flipbook, choose HIGH as the resolution and then click BUILD FLIPBOOK to regenerate the file.

Finally click on SAVE ON PC or PUBLISH ONLINE to save the flipbook to your computer or publish it directly online. The flipbook will be of the highest quality and even the smallest characters will be viewable without any problems. The conversion will not compress the images and therefore will not degrade the quality of the file.

TIP: For best performance we highly recommend saving the flipbook as HTML+IMAGES and uploading all files to your website hosting

NB: To get a high-quality flipbook it is very important that the source PDF is also of good quality. If you have a low-quality PDF it will be impossible to have a high-resolution flipbook