How to create password-protected flip books

A Flipbook is a digital publication that is used to create e-books and catalogs of all kinds. The Flipbook is an original way to deliver content with a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. More and more publishers are choosing the publication of flipbooks to disseminate their works.

It’s really easy to convert a PDF to Flipbook, and it’s also very easy to share your flipbook online or offline. Less easy is to find a solution that can create password-protected flipbooks. This type of protection prevents those who do not have the right password from viewing the publication.

For example, if you have written an e-book and want to share it in the form of a flip book, password protection may allow you to offer the service only to those who purchase your e-book. This is just a practical example, but there are several scenarios that can require password protection from a digital publication.

How to create password-protected Flipbooks

MyFlipbook software is one of the best solutions for converting PDFs to password-protected Flipbooks. The use of this program is very simple and intuitive. You can try it right away by downloading the free version (for Windows PC) from the button below.

Install the program. When you’re done, you’ll open this home screen:

To create the Flipbook, click CREATE NEW FLIPBOOK and choose the PDF from your computer. The program will automatically do the conversion and show the flipbook in the center screen of the program.

The flipbook is ready and can already be saved or published. But before doing this, if you want to add a protection password, you need to click left on PASSWORD PROTECTION and set a password of your choice.

After writing the password in the Password and Password Confirmation field, a window will open with the words “Password id set!”. Click on the “BUILD FLIPBOOK” button at the bottom left to confirm your changes and update your flipbook with your password.

At this point you can save the flipbook on your PC by clicking on “SAVE ON PC”, or publish it online by clicking on “PUBLISH ONLINE”. The moment you try to access the flipbook you will see the password entry request appear: