How to Make a Virtual Bookshelf with your Flipbooks

Have you created several flipbooks (browsable online PDFs) and now you would like to show and share them through a digital and virtual bookshelf? So, you are on the right page! Below you will find out how to create a virtual Bookshelf with all your digital books / flipbooks.

Here is an example of a bookshelf that you can create with your online books and flipbooks:

Once a books is clicked, a new page will be opened and the user can start browsing that flipbook. Having said this, let’s see in detail how a virtual bookshelf like the one shown above is created.

How to Showcase a Bookshelf with your Flipbooks

STEP 1. First of all download and install the following plugin (FREE) on your computer.


Once you have downloaded the file you will need to unzip it (with WinZip or WinRAR). Extract the bookshelf folder from the file and save it on your Desktop.

STEP 2. Edit the bookshelf (index.html file)

Inside the bookshelf folder is an index.html file and three folders: css, img and js

Double-clicking on index.html will open the library with some flipbook examples in your browser. Now all you have to do is edit this file by inserting the details of the flipbooks you want to show in the library.

First make sure you have created and published flipbooks. You can create flipbooks through our program MyFlipbook Software or directly online using Once you have published the flipbooks online, open the index.html file with Notepad and go on editing the parts related to the flipbooks as shown in the figure below:

For each flipbook you will need to enter the link, the thumbnail image URL (usually the image of the first page of the catalog) and a title. If you don’t know how to get the thumbnail image of the flipbook, using’s online conversion, the thumbnail image will appear right after the PDF conversion as shown in the following figure:

Insert as many flipbooks as you want and finally press Save to save the index.html file. Double-click to open and view the library you just created.

STEP 3. Publish flipbook library

Once the library works well locally, you can publish it online on your website or server. All you need to do is upload the index.html file and the three folders (css, js and img) via FTP to your hosting and then link that index.html from any other page of your site or blog.

If, on the other hand, you want to integrate the library into an existing page of your website, just copy and paste the part of the code from the index.html file into that page, or if you have already uploaded the index.html file, you can use an iframe code. In short, there are several ways to achieve the desired result. If you have problems you can always contact us via email or via Live Chat and we will be happy to help you.