How to Create an OFFLINE Digital Flipbook (HTML or EXE format)

Most services that create Flipbooks from PDF documents, work in ONLINE mode. This means that it is essential to have an active internet connection in order to use the service and create a digital flipbook. In addition, once the flipbook is made, it is uploaded online and can be shared with those you want (always and exclusively online).

However, if you need to create a digital flipbook offline and that can also be viewed without an internet connection, then you need to use an alternative service. Below we point out the MyFlipbook software that is one of the best on the market and designed mainly to create flipbooks for use even in OFFLINE mode.

What does OFFLINE mean? Having a flipbook that works offline means you can share it via USB sticks, or by burning to CD/DVD. Or you can also transfer your flipbook to a device (e.g. tablet) and be able to play it there even in the absence of the Internet. Here are the simple steps to follow to create such a digital flipbook, using My Flipbook Software.

How to Create an OFFLINE Digital Flipbook

MyFlipbook is software that must be installed on a computer running Windows or MAC. It is not a web-based service that only works online, it is a software that can also work offline and allows you to create unlimited flipbooks starting from your PDF files. To get started download and install MyFlipbook on your computer from thefollowing link:


After downloading, install the program. This home screen will open:

To create a digital flipbook, simply press the “CREATE NEW FLIPBOOK” button and then choose the PDF to convert from your PC. Soon after, the process of converting and generating your flipbook will begin. The flipbook will preview on the program screen.

If you want to customize your flipbook before saving, you can use the features on the left of the program. It is possible to add title / description to appear on your flipbook, you can change the logo or background, you can add a login password, you can add text links or Youtube videos, and much more. After these changes click build flipbook to update your flipbook.

Create Offline Flipbook in HTML Format

To create a flipbook for offline use in html format, click the SAVE ON PC button. The program will save the entire flipbook in a single .htm file format. This file can be opened on any device even in the absence of an internet connection.

Create Offline Flipbook in Windows Executable Format

Myflipbook is able to create also a Flipbook in EXE format that you can share in CD / DVD or USB pen, and users can simply open in their windows PC. You have to click on FILE menu and select Save Windows Exe Format (the file will be saved in .hta format, that is similar to EXE).

Interesting, right? So what are you waiting for? Download MyFlipbook to your PC and create your OFFLINE FLIPBOOKs now to share via email or external storage devices (USB pendrives, external discs, or CDs/DVDs).