Create Flipbook with background music with MyFlipbook

With the latest version of MyFlipbook it is now possible to create flipbooks with background music. That’s right! This update was made following the many requests received from users who wish to create browsable PDFs with background music.

Background music is used in various contexts, such as videos, presentations, podcasts, games and much more. Flipbooks can also be shared with a soundtrack, however it is essential to ensure that the music chosen is appropriate for the context in which it will be used. Before adding background music, ask yourself what your goal is. Music should enhance the overall experience or serve a specific role, such as creating an atmosphere, highlighting an emotional moment, or providing additional information.

Below we immediately see the steps to follow to create a flipbook with background music thanks to MyFlipbook Software.

First download and install My Flipbook on your PC (Windows or Mac).



After installing and starting the program you will see this screen:

Click on CREATE NEW FLIPBOOK and import the PDF to transform into a Flipbook. In a few seconds the Flipbook will appear in the center of the program interface as can also be seen in the following figure.

At this point you need to act on the parameters in the left sidebar. Here you will find a number of options that allow you to customize the Flipbook PDF by adding a title, description, changing the background, adding a logo, setting the resolution, and so on. Among these parameters you will also notice one called AUDIO BACKGROUND

Simply click the button to the right of Audio Background to select the MP3 file from your computer. Once selected you can also click on the LOOP checkbox if you intend to play the music in a loop, indefinitely.

After selecting the mp3 audio track, in order for it to be integrated into the flipbook, you need to click on the BUILD button again at the bottom. The flipbook will be recreated and displayed in the central part of the program. By now clicking anywhere on the flipbook the background music will start automatically.

audio background flipbook

A speaker icon will appear at the bottom right of the flipbook. Clicking that button will turn the sound on or off.

To save the flipbook on your computer, finally click on SAVE ON PC (green button at the bottom left of the interface). The html file that you save on your computer will be your browsable PDF (flipbook) with the background music you set! That’s all!

Important notes to know before adding background music to your flipbook:

  1. Copyright: Make sure you have the right to use the music you choose. Unauthorized use of copyrighted music can lead to legal problems. You can search for Creative Commons-licensed music or purchase song licenses from specialized services.
  2. Volume: Make sure the volume level of the music is adequate so that it does not drown out or disturb the main content of the file. The music should be clear but not overpower the rest of the material.
  3. Personal taste: Personal taste plays an important role. What you may like may not please others. Try to choose music that fits your target audience and the message you want to communicate.
  4. Duration: Check the duration of your file and make sure the music doesn’t make it too long or boring. Music should be a complement, not an obstacle. Select the loop box if you want the music to last as long as the flipbook is displayed.
  5. Feedback: Before sharing your file with background music, ask for feedback from other people. The opinion of a test audience can help you determine whether the music improves or worsens the experience.

In summary, the use of background music can be effective, but it must be done with care and attention to the context and objective of your project. Be sure to respect copyrights and test the effectiveness of the music with your audience!